Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Scriptures 2/22/11

Scripture: Psalm 39:5 You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand. My entire lifetime is just a moment to you; at best, each of us is but a breath.” (NLT)

Nugget: Life is short….period. We really tend to forget this as we go on with our everyday lives & routines. God knows we take a lot for granted; this is why we must pay attention & take heed to His words. This scripture reminds us of how we’re designed---with our lives being just a moment in God’s eyes.

We must appreciate EVERY moment & day that we’re blessed with. Let’s use our time here wisely!

Quote: “Life is half spent before we know what it is.” -George Herbert

© Lisi P, 2011

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