Friday, March 25, 2011

For My Singletons, Pt. 15

Hey, fellow Singletons! It’s been a while since I’ve written. It’s interesting the things that have come up in the past few months or so. I can tell you for sure that I continue to learn the importance of waiting on God when praying for & waiting for my mate. We may feel that we know what’s best, but God truly gives us what we need; His plan is the final plan & when something is brought together by God, it’s one of the strongest bonds ever.

I know both happily married & unhappily married couples. The most interesting part is that I believe the unhappily married couples are outnumbering the happily married ones. This is sad because we all want to be happy & we want others to be happy as well. The thing is many people who are unhappily married chose their mates without God in the equation. Many of them chose their mates on their own accord & chose to ignore what God was telling & showing them regarding their choices. I continue to pray for them; because God does give us free will, but we must live with the outcome of the choices of this free will.

I pray for those who are single as there are challenges that face us as well. These challenges are numerous & differ for us all; however, through the differences, God is constant through it all. Let Him do His work in you & through you as He prepares the one for you! Don’t lose sight of Him in the midst of waiting; there’s a purpose for the waiting---it’s to allow you to grow in Him in preparation for what’s to come in His time.

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© Lisi P, 2011

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