Wednesday, September 19, 2012

God's Timing

Do you ever feel that God is trying to tell you something? At first, you’re uncertain, but as time goes on, He continues to send confirmation, reaffirmation, & more concerning the things you’re seeking from Him. Whether it’s making a “small” decision to a “big” one, He’s continuing to tell you something through your doubts & uncertainties. I’ve been feeling this way lately.

I think that every few years or so, we undergo a change or a shifting (as my Pastor is preaching on). This change could actually come every few months or so, but I believe that it’s necessary to remind us to keep moving forward & to keep growing in our faith & in life. There should be no reason we should be in the same situation month after month, year after year. God has instilled in us to do more & to be more, especially in our walk with Him & in utilizing the gifts that He’s put in us.

Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been sitting on my gifts; allowing other things & people to supersede the things that God has put in my heart to do. I’ve been doing self-evaluations (some of them forced self-evaluations!) to recheck myself & the direction that I’m going in. This can be a good thing for us to do because before we know it, time has gotten away from us & we’re no closer to the dreams we originally set out to accomplish.

Time is waiting for no one; furthermore, the next moment isn’t guaranteed. We must not forget this as we’re “waiting for the right time” to get things done & to step out on faith. Sometimes, probably most times, the “right time” is now. Stop putting off the dreams that you have, stop waiting for the “right time”; focus on God’s time & what He’s guiding you to do. There’s so much left for us to get done during the precious time we have here on Earth.

What are we waiting for?

Until next time.


© Lisi P, 2012

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