Monday, January 7, 2013

Daily Scriptures 1/7/13

Scripture: II Kings 18:3 He did what was pleasing in the LORD’s sight, just as his ancestor David had done. (NLT)

Nugget: The “he” in this scripture refers to King Hezekiah. Hezekiah was a king who followed God, had His faith tested & continued to have faith, & overcame many obstacles during his reign that he can only contribute to his faith in God.

When I read this scripture, I began to reflect on those ancestors who came before Hezekiah; those who laid the foundation for him. Now it was up to Hezekiah to either adhere to the foundation laid & the examples of his ancestors, or chose to go his own way. Hezekiah chose the former; which definitely allowed his faith in God to grow, while giving him a successful reign as king.

We must thank our ancestors who came before us, laid the foundation for us, & taught us about God. This makes me reflect on my grandparents (even those who came before them) who prayed many prayers, attended many church services, & had the faith to pray for me before I was even a thought! Where would we be without these ancestors?!

Don’t ever underestimate the impact of those who came before us & laid the foundation for us to be where we are today.

Quote: “If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

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