Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Running Update: 2012 Summary

Well, 2012 officially ended my first year of running (I haven’t hit my year anniversary in 2013 yet, but it’s on the way!). I feel good about my running accomplishments for 2012.

It began with my first 5K (3.1 miles) in February 2012 & continued from there. I still can’t believe my friend & I did that first 5K cold turkey; no real training, preparation, etc. LOL, looking back, I guess you can say we were determined to see what we were starting with!

The year continued on with my joining my running group! Absolutely love the ladies in my group. I’ve realized that support is always needed & my friends, family, & running group provide this! (As well as the prayers I send up!---thank God for continued strength & determination)

I also completed my first half marathon! Still excited about that! But I do feel that I’m recovering from it; definitely have to be more aware of the surfaces I run on & the affect they have on my body!

One of the ladies in my running group said that the reason you begin running is never the reason you continue to run; what a true statement. I began to run to train for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I gave myself a year to prepare for it, but I can tell you, this isn’t my #1 reason for running today. The lessons I’ve learned about running are numerous, but here are a few of them, in no particular order:
• Support is really important; having positive people to push you & encourage you is key
• Believe in yourself! Don’t think there’s nothing you cannot do. I never would’ve thought I would’ve completed a half marathon (13.1 miles)
• Don’t worry about speed & comparing yourself to anyone else. Your speed is your speed; your goals are your goals!
• Get fitted for proper running shoes; this is vital in the running world
• Continue strength training programs, eat proper meals, & hydrate, hydrate, hydrate; a healthy body is very important
• Keep moving; each run, walk, jog, etc. is a step further than you were the day before
• Running is a good outlet! There are days where I just want to run, jog, wog (walk & jog), just to get out & relieve stress
• Have fun & laugh! There are days where all I need is to hit the pavement & be around my friends who make me laugh
• Be encouraged & never give up (this is with running & everything else in life)

So I ended 2012 with over 811 miles on the pavement! (This is for the months of May-December; I didn’t keep track of my miles for February-April)

Looking forward to my 2013 running season. Praying for more fun, goals to be met, & the positivity that comes with it!

Until next time.


© Lisi P, 2013

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