Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daily Scriptures 2/28/13

Scripture: Psalm 17:3 You have tested my thoughts and examined my heart in the night. You have scrutinized me and found nothing wrong. I am determined not to sin in what I say. (NLT)

Nugget: I have to admit, there are times in which I’ve had conversations with God that are similar to this scripture. In these conversations, I’m basically telling God, “I’ve done all You’ve asked me to do. I’m doing things in order & trying to align with You; just trying to do the right thing.” But sometimes I feel that nothing is happening or, not necessarily that God has forgotten about me, but that wondering if He hears me.

But with all of this said, I’m overlooking one of the facts indicated in this scripture: God examines my heart; this is a continuous occurrence. In this examination, God may find things that are incomplete, inconsistent, or just simply, things that I need to continue to grow in or grow from.

I don’t feel that there’s anything God wouldn’t give me that isn’t in His will for me to have, however, His will & timing are so different from mine because He knows what I’m ready for & where I still need to grow.

My encouraging word to you today: Continue to do what’s right according to God; His plans will happen, just as sure as our Savior is Jesus, God is working all things out.

Quote: “Dear God, teach me the wisdom of your timing. Let me use the time that I need to wait for the answers to my prayers to develop my confidence and trust in you.” -Unknown

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