Monday, February 25, 2013

Running Update: Goal Accomplished--Disney Princess Half Marathon Completed

Photo by Lisi P. © Lisi P, 2013
I’m so proud!! Last year, a friend & I challenged ourselves to complete the Disney Princess Half Marathon! Yesterday, I completed it. It was both challenging & fantastic. There’s nothing like accomplishing a goal you’ve set for yourself. 
Photo by S. Peay © S. Peay, 2013
The run itself was not an easy one; there were so many people out there. Our registration books indicated that there were over 24,000 people registered; however I saw bib numbers over 32,000! And also, I am still recovering from being sick & having injuries. My overall goal was to finish the race & accomplish this goal that I’ve set for myself.

I completed majority of the race by myself, but was able to text my cousin & my friend along the way to let them know how I was doing. My running group was also at the finish line to support as well.

Overall, I’m glad that I accomplished this goal in which last year I thought could never happen. Next up, another Half Marathon in April; I figure I can make up the time on this one & be back at 100%.

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© Lisi P, 2013

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