Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#1000 & To "Just Be"!!

Wow, this is my 1000th post!! I’ve been thinking of what I could write about to commemorate this moment! :) As I reflected on this, a great conversation with one of my bestest friends came to mind. As we discussed life, its challenges, what it entails, & just time in general, we realized that we never truly have to chance to “Just Be”.

Just being, in my opinion, is taking the time to be still. It’s taking the time to put aside the “time we don’t have” for ourselves. It’s sitting in the stillness of God & talking to Him about your troubles, thoughts, desires, & dreams. To “just be” is exactly that, being---remembering who you are & whose you are in the midst on the on-goings of life.

I think we get so caught up in life, work, stressors, our daily routines, etc. that we can forget who we are. We lose sight of that person we “used to be”. I’m not saying to go back to old ways that aren’t healthy, but do we take the time to sit & remember the core of who we are? Some of us are moms, wives, employees, sisters, aunts, fathers, sons, etc., but at the core of all of these titles is us---the person we were born as who sometimes gets lost within everything else.

We need the time to just be; the time to do the things we like to do, the time to do the things we’ve “been meaning to do”, & so much more. We need the time to enjoy being “us” & learning who we are without forgetting our true selves.

Take time & make time to “just be”; get back to that person who’s at the core of you! If you’ve lost this person in the midst of life, it’s not too late to find him/her. You’re in there waiting to come out & waiting to re-introduce yourself to YOU!!

Just be!!

“You might say that we use ourselves to discover ourselves.” -Judith Hanson Lasater

Until next time.


© Lisi P, 2014


Anonymous said...

So funny because this is what I have been doing this week! Enjoying just being by myself and enjoying ME.

margo said...

Lisi!! You are amazing!! Keep on inspiring and uplifting!!

~Lisi P. said...

Thank you, Margo & Michelle!!! 💛💛

Ashuantay said...

Congratulations on post number 1,000!

~Lisi P. said...

Thanks, Ashuantay!!

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