Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lessons From A Parking Space

At my job, if you arrive at work after a certain time, or if you leave to run an errand on your lunch break, the possibility of finding a parking space when you get there is very difficult. Basically, the lot is completely full & you can drive around for 30 minutes or more trying to find a parking space; waiting for someone to leave so you can “grab their spot.”

Needless to say, yesterday I had to leave for a meeting located in another area, so in doing this, I “lost my parking space”. When I returned, I drove around for a little bit trying & hoping that someone would leave in order for me to be able to park.

Somewhere during my going up a row & down another row, I made the declaration, “God, you will give me a parking space!” This made me think on the power of the words I speak, so I spoke this out loud! In the next few minutes, I found a spot. However, the spot was one in the furthest space in a very large parking lot. Then my mind began to think, “This space is way out here.”

I began to think of what God must’ve been thinking: “Lisi, you asked me for a parking space, & I gave it to you. What more do you need?” I felt convicted because God really did answer my request & there was no delay; additionally, there are many individuals who pray to be able to walk across a large parking lot. I politely pulled into the parking space, thanked God for answered requests, & walked into the building with a smile.

How many times does God answer our specific prayers & we react in ungratefulness because, although He answered, we wanted the request to come in another way? Or how many times do we request something of God, but don’t ask fully, & then get upset? For instance, in my request to God, I could’ve said, “God, you will give me a parking space in the first row of the parking lot.” But this isn’t what I requested & then I began to murmur.

Lessons from this experience:
  • Make your requests known to God; be grateful & thankful when He answers prayers. Praise Him, don’t complain.
  • Be specific in your requests. If you want a brand new car, don’t just ask for a car! Ask for exactly what you want.
  • There is power in the words we speak! Speak life, positivity, & gratefulness.
Until next time.


© Lisi P, 2014


SoSerene said...

Yes, I know I've been guilty of this. Gotta be mindful of how we display ungratefulness, even over what may be considered the smallest things.

Mionna said...

This is good. One of the things I'm trying to start doing more is speaking good into my life. I've been practicing being more content with all I have and I think I'm doing pretty well of that. BUT I want to be more proactive in my life...speaking good into my life. The tongue is powerful. So along the same lines...ask and you shall receive. We must remember that what we say is powerful!

~Lisi P. said...

Thanks, Mionna! Yes, it's a daily process for me too, but very much needed. Blessings, lady!

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