Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Through The Eyes Of A Child

One of the greatest honors I have is being a Titi. I love my nieces & nephews (they are my babies!). During their birthdays & Christmas time I love to spoil them; there’s something about seeing & experiencing these events through the eyes of a child.

This got me to thinking on how life & our experiences can change us so much; not that these shouldn’t have an impact on us, but it changes a lot of what we believed as children. For instance, when a child asks a parent (or Titi) for something, the child believes that he/she will receive it no matter what. There’s no doubt about it. Somewhere along the way, we lost this same belief in our prayers with God. Yes, we may believe, but do we believe fully? Do we have doubt? Or can we go back to how we were as children when we asked our parents for something, knowing that we would receive it? Even during the most difficult times, I remember my parents making sure we had a good Christmas & presents under the tree. I never thought that Christmas wouldn’t “happen” for my siblings & I.

I’m blessed for my babies & the lessons they teach me without even knowing it. I don’t like that time continues to fly by with them, but I’m enjoying every moment.

May we learn to take a moment to view life through the eyes of a child; knowing that God is working without reservation.

“Through the eyes of a child all things are possible.” -Unknown

Until next time.


© Lisi P, 2014

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