Monday, April 20, 2015

Try vs. Will

As 2015 continues to fly by, I’m reflecting on the things I’m praying to accomplish & the steps I’m taking to get there. I do realize that things won’t happen overnight, but I’m grateful for the progress I’ve made.

Recently, I became a part of this training class at work. One of the things that the trainer highlights is not saying “try to” or “trying to”. Most times when we say we’ll “try to” do something, it doesn’t happen. It’s a safe place to put ourselves, sort of like saying “may be”. With this being said, I’ve been focusing on “I will” do this or “I’m going to”, versus saying “try to”. It does make a big difference because it’s a way of holding myself accountable.

As this year continues to fly by, what are the things you’ve been “trying to” do? This could be anything from your dreams or goals, to cleaning the garage, to starting a workout program, to catching up with that friend or family member, etc. What are the steps you can take to hold yourself accountable to make these things happen?

Are you trying to do these things or will you do these things?

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© Lisi P, 2015

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