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How many of us have been at the airport baggage claim & picked up a bag that looked like ours, but in actuality, it wasn’t our bag? We grabbed the bag, checked the name tag, & realized it just wasn’t ours. Placing it back on the carousel for it to go around again, putting us in search of our luggage again.

This made me think about life & the baggage we have from experiences, relationships, work, changes, etc. There’s so much baggage that we carry around, at times, many of it, we have to go through the processes of letting it & people go. But how much of this baggage is actually ours?

Some carry baggage from childhood that continues to impact them today. However, is this their baggage to carry? For example, many have grown up with very strict parents, who had rules to follow, but their rules most likely are based upon their own upbringing or experiences. By no means am I saying to disobey parents, but sometimes the questions do arise regarding where the heavy hand originated from. Some parents feel that their kids will take the same path that they did, but the kids are on a different path regardless; thus enabling the kid to carry not only their own experiences, but the experiences of their parents---baggage that is not theirs.

We’ve all experienced heartbreak & heartache, at times, another resulted bag that is carried into future relationships---are these bags something that need to go into the next relationship? Now the new individual is carrying the bags of something that isn’t theirs, while the original individual is holding on to them as well.

These are only a few examples that come to mind, but bring to light the aspects of baggage that we carry. Maybe it’s time to look around & take inventory of the things that weigh us down? Did we pick up the wrong bag at the baggage claim? Did we happen to carry the bag of another individual too far before we realized how heavy it was or that it wasn’t ours? Do we need to remove some things from our own baggage to eliminate weight & to be within the allowable weight limit of the flight?

Whose baggage are you carrying?

“The problem with baggage is that it affects other people's trips.” -Chris Hodges

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