Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It All Starts With You!

One thing I’ve noticed is that many people believe that happiness & joy come from other people, their careers, things, etc. At the same time, these are the things that can bog us down & deter us from what’s important. The things that can overwhelm many, leaving them discouraged & defeated. But what I’ve learned in seeing, even at times living, in these circumstances, is that it all begins with you. Meaning, none of the aforementioned things or people can make you complete---it all starts with you & your relationship with God.

For example, remember that job or career you prayed for? The one that would get you “everything you wanted out of life.” When did it become you? When did you begin to work through your lunch hour, check your email during dinner, stay up at night working, or even work on vacation? At some point, balance is needed. It all starts with you!

Then there are times the person we’re in a relationship with begins to define us; some lose their identity in relationships. Now I’m not by any means saying that every relationship is this way, but you know if things have changed for you as an individual for the better or for the worse. There are the relationships that change us for the better & that are healthy, but there are the ones that have us going down the wrong path. For instance, the ones where we feel we aren’t complete if that person isn’t in our lives. The relationship should have two complete individuals coming together as one. It all starts with you!

Even the friendships & familyships that we have. Are they healthy & contributing to our lives? Or do we feel that they bog us down? Do you have the friend or family member that has been in the same situation year after year, day after day, with no growth? If so, the best thing you can do is pray for these people & continue to live your life. I’m not saying to not be there for them, but there’s only so much you can do before it begins to take a toll on you. You can control yourself & not them. It all starts with you!

We all have areas we must grow in to get to the next level God has for us. A lot of what we experience is preparation for this, but we must evaluate our circumstances, actions, & who we have around us to see if these are lining up with God & the plans He has for our lives. It all starts with you!!

What can you do today in God that will prepare you for all that He has in store for you?

Until next time.


© Lisi P, 2015

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