Tuesday, December 29, 2015

As 2015 Winds Down......

As 2015 winds down, many of us do a bit of self-reflecting. You know what I’m referring to---thoughts on what we want for the New Year, things we can do differently, things we can change, & so forth. So what does this mean for the New Year? How do we plan to be different for this New Year; what many see as a new beginning?

In order to have change occur for the New Year, it begins with us. For instance, what are the things, people, stressors, etc. that we hold on to that aren’t doing us any good? One friend pointed out to me that we waste so much time devoting our thoughts & energy to things that don’t deserve them. It’s like we have a tight grip on what we need to let go of most, & who we need to let go of the most.

A favorite email of mine, from years ago, stated that people come into your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. However, we tend to hold people out of context. Just the action of making a seasonal person a lifetime person in your life can have a huge impact. It even impacts the person’s overall purpose for your life. For example, what if the person was placed in your life to teach you how to drive; this was their purpose & their only purpose. However, you end up taking this person with you to the car dealership to assist in purchasing your first car. Now you could be in over your head with a car you cannot afford, or really never intended to buy. As simplistic as it sounds, there’s truth in it. The only role the person had was to teach you to drive—that was it. Just imagine the impact this has on the areas in your life today (& even in the past) where people are held too long in your life.

As we continue to self-reflect, before & after the New Year, begin to make the changes you need to regarding who you have in your life, the role they play, the stressors you allow to impact you, etc. There are changes to be made, but they begin with a single step.

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