Thursday, April 21, 2016

Being Still In God....

God will sometimes put us in situations where all we can do is be still. If anyone knows me, “being still” are not words used to describe me at all! LOL, many have told me over the years that I have no idea what this means, but believe me I’m learning.

In God’s stillness, I’m learning that He’s continuing to work. He works things out in our favor, even when we feel that “nothing is happening”. I’m beginning to think that He does most of His work this way. And with us doing our part about being still in Him, reading His word, & allowing Him to guide us, we are in many aspects “staying out of His way.” So why not let Him do His great work in us & around us?

If there is something or things that you haven’t fully given over to Him, maybe part of this process is being still in Him & listening for Him to tell you want to do. Part of this is not always for you to be “doing something”, but doing the one & only thing that you can---giving it to God.
Stillness can be a blessing in disguise!

Until next time.


© Lisi P, 2016
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