Thursday, June 16, 2016

Being in Midian

Have you ever wondered why you were in a particular situation or facing something that’s challenging you? At these times, you’re praying for the situation to change; any change to occur that will make things better. Believe me, I understand & have been there many times myself. As challenging as these times may be, God has them occur in our lives for a purpose. Maybe, just maybe, we’re exactly where God wants us to be at these times in our lives.

My mind wandered to Moses, after he killed the Egyptian, Moses fled to Midian in fear of his life. Moses thought he would be killed next. But God led Moses to Midian for a purpose. Moses had to go there to grow, learn, & become who God called him to be & then return to Egypt to lead his people to freedom.

So what if the situations & circumstances you’re facing now are your Midian---your preparation for things to come? Without facing them & without being in “your Midian” you wouldn’t get to the next thing God has for you; the growth & development wouldn’t occur. Also, the relationship with God & faith wouldn’t grow.

There are times when we want to pray these things away, but without them, we wouldn’t become who God is calling us to be. We would remain the same; likely with our faith remaining stagnant too. I’m thinking instead of praying the challenges away, to ask God to show us what we’re to learn in the meantime. There’s something in the midst of it for us.

If you’re journeying through your Midian, allow God to show you what you’re supposed to learn in this place, seek His wisdom & guidance, & He will bring you out of it in His time.

Don’t underestimate your Midian.

Until next time.


© Lisi P, 2016

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