Monday, August 15, 2016


Many of us have these dreams & goals that we’ve been putting off “until the right time”. We may find ourselves not even putting them off, but coming back to them time & time again. You know, the one thing that if you didn’t get paid to do it, you’d still do because it’s your God-given gift or talent. I’m finding that this is the “thing” that God has called me to do.

The thing is, it may not come easy! We’ve all heard the saying, “Anything worth having is worth fighting for”, but it’s also worth working for. Most times, dreams & achievements don’t just land on us—there’s a process to getting there---there’s a story behind it. One of the things that I love to do is to hear the story behind the person; meaning, their journey to “getting there”. For example, Tyler Perry has a story!! Before he was known to many, he had serious struggles—from sleeping in his car to using his last penny to put on a production where a small number of people showed up! But he didn’t give up & look at where he is today; there definitely had to be times where he faced discouragement. It’s not that our success is defined in the same manner as his, as we seek different dreams from God, but our dreams are obtainable in Him as well.

Earlier this year, I did a posting on my Anchor Verses. I keep coming back to them & reminding myself of the things that I spoke then to remind myself to keep going forward now. One of the verses:

A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. –Proverbs 18:16

Sometimes we get discouraged with the process or the status of our progress, but we must stay encouraged. As the scripture points out, the gift will make room for us! Sometimes these dreams & goals that God has put in us are what carries us in Him & opens the door that needs to be opened. Don’t underestimate the gifts that God has put in you---if you keep coming back to it (or it keeps calling you), know that God has a way of sending confirmation to you during the trying times of walking into your dreams & goals.

His plans for us will prosper---let’s not give up, but push on. Your dream is calling. Can you hear it?

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