Saturday, July 15, 2017

Accepting Change

Myself, along with many of those in my inner circle, are going through the process of changing; whether it be things that we’re seeking to change about ourselves, professions, walk with God, & even relationships, these changes are occurring.

This thought came to me today regarding change: what happens when the changes we’re praying for come about in a different manner than we’re seeking? For example, there are changes that we want to happen, but God may make these changes happen in such a way that is difficult or challenging for us. We usually want something to happen the way we want it to, at the time we want it to, but we know that God doesn’t work this way.

Think of those who want to lose weight; sure it sounds like a great idea, but what about the hard work that comes with it? Many do not want to get up & hit the gym at 5am to get it done, but if there is some magical way for the weight to fall off, this route would occur in high numbers!

God has a way of forcing change to happen, getting us in that uncomfortable place that puts us out of the comfort zones what we’ve created. You may have outgrown your job & now it’s time to apply elsewhere, but when you prayed for the change, it seemed that the answer would come in the next promotion---God is stretching you to try something new. You may have been praying on certain relationships to turn out or work out in a certain way, but the relationship could now be hindering you from the next step God is directing you; it’s time to let go & move on.

Someone once told me that “sometimes we want the blessings without the sacrifice.” Well, sometimes we want the change & growth to occur without the sacrifice, but, at times, it’s part of the process. God’s forced changes could be the only way we can get to where He wants us to be.

Yes, be open to change, but also open to seeing that it may come in a manner you least expect. Be open to God’s will in the forced changes, knowing that He already has the outcome in His hands.

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