Sunday, August 13, 2017

Silent Periods

Sometimes we can’t hear God because we have too many things going on. These things include people who take our focus away from or off of God. God does have a way of changing our focus, especially when we’re seeking Him. However, if we aren’t seeking Him, He does have a way of “tapping us on the shoulder” to get our attention.

I’ve learned that God getting my attention comes with silence. It could appear that “nothing is happening”, but yet God has a way of showing us Himself in the silent areas of our lives. In the silence, God redirects our focus. There’s usually nothing to focus on & what’s around you can’t remove the silence: there’s no TV that can drown it out, no Social Media page that can take precedence, & no phone call that can supersede it. The only solution is God. It’s Him that just wants a moment or two with us to show us what only He can. Maybe He wants to give you an answer to that prayer you think He’s ignoring, but you’ve been clouding His response with clutter.

Yes, God talks to us, but we can miss His voice. His voice can be in a scripture, a still quiet whisper, a sermon, but we miss it, because it’s not coming in the manner we expect. God’s voice will bring confirmation, but don’t think that the confirmation may not include the responses of “not now” or “wait for Me”, because He will say these too!

Know that God is working, my friends. If He has you in a silent period, His silent periods come with PURPOSE. He’s bringing something out of you & developing you. Seek Him in all seasons---including those of silence.

Until next time.


© Lisi P, 2017

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